About Us

Rainbow Heads is an online store with unique solutions for a number of hair wants and needs! Our hair pieces are perfect for those looking to add volume to their hair, cover hair loss, or temporarily change their look with zero commitment. Here you will find information about each of our products as well as answers to some commonly asked questions.

About Our Products

Our high quality hair pieces are made with 100% human hair and are safe to style with heat just like your own hair. Each piece is hand colored by award-winning professional colorist Caitlin Ford. We offer a set menu of various color ways that are available to order all of the time with a four week lead time. We also are always adding new Ready To Ship products as temporary releases for those who are looking for more instant gratification options.

How long do your products last?

All hair extensions will degrade over time, but hair extension color lasts longer than color on biological hair. The amount of time your pieces will last will depend on how often you wash and wear them as well as ensuring to properly care for and store them. We have had customers report that they have been using their hair pieces well over a year, but we generally say hair pieces will last about a year with proper care. Color fading can happen over time as well. If your color fades but the quality of the hair is still in good shape the color can be refreshed. Reach out to us at customerservice@rainbowheads.com for refresh service options.

How do I care for my hair pieces?

It's recommended that hairpieces be washed 1-2 times a month depending on how frequently you wear them. We strongly suggest using a high quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing to prevent color fading and only washing your pieces in cold water. Heat styling should never exceed 375°F (190°C) and should always be done using a product that offers heat protection. Chlorine, salt water, and direct sun exposure should be avoided. Always brush out tangles in your hairpiece by starting and the ends and working your way up to the base. Your hair piece should be stored in the provided satin bag when not in use.

About Wig Toppers

Our clip-in wig toppers are silk based, injected toppers that feature 100% high quality human hair. They are perfect for transforming the top layer of the hair and adding volume. This is the best option for those suffering from mild to moderate hairloss as well! Standard orders include 16" of length and a base size that is 3x5". We offer the option for a 5x6" base topper as custom orders for those who need fuller coverage.

About Bang Pieces

Our clip-in bang pieces are made from machine wefts and feature 100% high quality human hair. They are great for temporarily adding bangs and color with zero commitment and can be customized in many different styles, colors and shapes.

About Accent Pieces

Our accent pieces are made from 100% high quality, European sourced, human hair. They are made using double drawn wefts. What does double drawn mean? When wefts for extensions are created the hair used is at multiple lengths and is sewn together to create the weft. When hair is single drawn it means that one pass through a machine has been done to remove shorter hairs. Single drawn wefts use less strands of the described length of the product and more of the shorter strands, which makes the weft overly thick at the top and thin towards the ends. Double drawn wefts have significantly more of the described length of hair, this means the ends are luxuriously full so the added color can show with maximum impact, and the top of the weft lays flatter and looks more natural.

Base Colors

You will notice that our wig toppers and bang pieces have the option to select a base color. The base color is the dominant color of the hair piece, intended to blend with your own hair. If you are having trouble figuring out your base color just from photos you can click here to order sample swatches to see the base colors in person. If you have a unique base color that does not match our selections we can create a piece that is custom just for you! Simply send us a message on Instagram or send an email to customerservice@rainbowheads.com and we are more than happy to help with your project.